Special curry beef 谷饲安格斯菲力

European middle ages, pork and mutton is civilians edible meat, beef is nobility of the senior meat, honor of beef is they collocation is also enjoy honorable status at that time the pepper and spices together cooking, and supplies in special occasions, in order to reveal master rispectable status.

Steak is different from most other cooked food, usually do not bring to a well-done steak, but cooked degree to individual be fond of adjustment. Born cooked degree for different odd, mainly divides into:

Raw steak (Raw) : completely without cooking Raw beef, it will only be used in some dishes such as beef tartare, jeter f (Kitfo, Ethiopian dishes) or Raw beef salad.

Nearly raw steak (Blue) : on the hot iron plate on both sides of each heating 30 ~ 60 seconds, the purpose is to lock the moisture inside the steak, make external and internal succulent meat mouth taste bad, outer easy to hang juice, inner raw meat to keep raw meat, and visual effects wouldn't like to eat raw meat so hard to accept

A medium rare steak (rare) : steak internal everywhere for the inside of a blood red and keep a certain temperature, at the same time practice part in my life.

Medium-rare steak, medium rare) : most of the meat to accept heat penetration to the center, but has yet to produce big change, when cut Cooked meat brown on both sides from top to bottom, to pink and then the center to center for fresh meat color, has a bloody with his knife. (fresh beef and thick steak this level will be obvious, the frozen beef and thin steak is very difficult to achieve this effect)

The steak medium steak (medium) : internal pink visible for area and mixed with the powder of cooked meat and heald brown, the steak taste equilibrium temperature.

Seven medium steak medium well) : steak internal main harness brown, shallow ash mixed with a few pink, thick texture, has the feeling of chewing.

Steak well-done steak (well done) : perfect for cooked meat brown, beef is cooked whole, heavy taste.




近生牛排(蓝色):在热铁板上各加热30 ~双方60秒,目的是锁住水分里面的牛排,使外部和内部的肉质鲜美口感好,外易挂汁,内生肉保持原料肉、和视觉效果不一样吃生肉很难接受